What is Lama Fera – Straight from the Monks of Himalayas!

What is Lama Fera – Straight from the Monks of Himalayas!

Lama Fera Healing is an exceptionally powerful and quick energy healing technique. Buddhist monks of the Himalayas have been using it for centuries. It is a unique therapy that cleanses the energy flow system of the body. It works on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

The birth of Lama Fera

In 1995, Sadguru Satyanandaji developed this unique healing technique. He did this under the guidance of Honorable Buddhist saint Mandosa and tantra guru Atmananda. Guruji converted about 4,50,000 mantra vibrations into graphic forms. These are symbols. He did this by utilizing Shalvik Mantra Rahasya.

In addition, he developed certain tools for the layman. He wanted people to be able to practice this therapy without tough and long meditation.

Lama Fera healing technique

Lama Fera symbols are powerful enough to tackle negative energies of the highest level. No wonder a healing session lasts just 5 minutes!

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A healing session features a ritual. The healing does not include touching the body. It involves the use of mantras and symbols and their vibrations. The healer helps to transfer Lord Buddha’s energy to the patient to heal a particular illness or disease. According to practitioners, the healing happens through the use of 12 symbols, which they cannot disclose to anybody, except those learning this therapy.

Materials required for a successful session:

For an effective session, practitioners have designed a special kit, which contains pulsating energies. The kit consists of:

A robe in maroon color
A burning stick that has quartz crystals
A Bodhi mala, which is a necklace derived from Boddhi Tree
Dragon Toran
Lama Fera yantra
It frees you from stress, depression.
This therapy removes fears, anxiety.
It gets rid of negative energy and evil spirits.
It helps to improve memory and concentration. This happens through meditation.
The therapy increases your willpower.
Experts regard Lama Fera healing therapy as the best one for patients who are at the last stage of their disease.
The healing helps to resolve issues of past life.
It helps to clear issues in health, property, business, career, relationship, and others.
It encourages chemical processing in various body systems.
This kind of healing increases energy flow in the body and gives it strength – physical and mental.
The person who undergoes the Lama Fera session feels a change in his or her energy levels becomes more confident, agile, and alert.

Lama Fera uses sacred mantras. Practitioners believe they are from Lord Buddha. So, this therapy is like working with Divine energy. It, truly, is worth a try.

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