Hydrogen Cancer Control, and Hydrogen-Oxygen Inhalation for Treatment of COVID-19 pandemic.

 In June, 2020, an academic paper on patients with COVID-19 inhaling hydrogen oxygen mixed gas produced by Asclepius Meditec’s Hydrogen Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer was published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease. The multicenter, and open-label clinical trial has also noted that hydrogen oxygen mixed gas inhalation can improves disease severity and dyspnea in patients with Coronavirus disease 2019.

At the critical moment of the global shortage of ventilators, an innovative Class III respiratory medical device from China, Hydrogen Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer, is expected to alleviate the oxygen shortage crisis caused by another rampage of COVID-19 pandemic.

The design concept of the device is green, environmentally friendly and creative that the pure water is electrolyzed to produce 3 liters of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas (H2: 66.6%; O2: 33.3%) for patients with Coronavirus disease 2019 to inhale for therapy.

Hydrogen is the lightest gas in the world and has no toxic effects on humans (biosafety). Furthermore, the molecular weight of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas is extremely small so that it can increase the pulmonary alveoli to intake oxygen quickly, reduce the airway resistance, and decrease its work of breathing, thus improving peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2). Meanwhile, hydrogen gas has a strong anti-inflammatory ability to prevent the decline of MOF(multiple organ failure)caused by acute inflammation by the virus. It can be used for confirmed COVID-19 patients from mild cases, to moderate cases and severe cases.

Inhalation of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas can alleviate the symptoms of dyspnea, polypnea, chest distress, chest pain in patients with COVID-19 coronavirus, and shorten their length of hospitalization, as well. These therapeutic effects of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas have been reported by Academician Zhong Nanshan and State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, and concluded in a monograph officially published by World Scientific Publishing, headquartered in Singapore.

The device can be used alone or in combination of two devices (6 liters of mixed gas) via a trident joint. It can be also used in parallel with oxygen pipelines, invasive ventilators and non-invasive ventilators in hospitals.

It is reported that since COVID-19 pandemic, the therapy of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas has also been included inDiagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial version 7 and 8), and Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Severe and Critical Cases of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial version 3), released by China National Health Commission & State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

As of now, Asclepius Meditec has carried out nearly 200 fundamental studies, 18 single-center clinical trial, 8 multi-center clinical trials, and 7 National Natural Science Foundation projects, as well as published 53 SCI papers and two monographs Hydrogen Cancer Control, and Hydrogen-Oxygen Inhalation for Treatment of COVID-19.

Asclepius Meditec’s Hydrogen Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer received the National Innovative Class III medical device certificate by NMPA (Chinese National Medical Products Administration) in 2020, marking another milestone in the history of hydrogen-oxygen medicine. Now, the device has passed compliance tests for medical devices in the EU, including safety, electromagnetic compatibility, biocompatibility, etc.

Developed for ten years, the technical problem of easy deflagration of hydrogen oxygen mixed gas is solved by Asclepius Metidec. With the joint efforts of Asclepius Metidec and global OEM leader Foxconn, the hydrogen oxygen nebulizers are excellently guaranteed in product quality and service life.

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