Explore the Benefits of Sujok therapy

Sujok, the alternate healing method is simple, easy and produces effective results. Speaking more on this, Dr Anju Gupta, Sujok Therapist and official lecturer of the therapy by International Sujok Association, Moscow Academy throws some light on the same…
Explain in brief about sujok therapy?

In Sujok therapy, palm and foot represent all the organs/meridians in the body. Su means hand while jok means palm. Sujok can be done with other therapies also and it produces no side effects. Developed by Professor Park Jae Woo, this therapy is 100% safe, simple and easy to perform even by the patients. Since hands and feet are the locations of systems of active points corresponding to all organs and part of the body, stimulation of these points produces a curative effect. This method is universal. With the help of sujok, various kinds of illnesses can be treated. There is no need for any precautions to be taken during the treatment. Since the therapy is natural and curing only the natural forces in and around the body, it is also one of the safest therapies ever known.
Benefits of Sujok therapy
Helps treat mental disorder
Sujok therapy works wonder in healing various kinds of mental disorder like phobia, depression, anxiety, addiction etc. It helps by enhancing physical and mental health and restoring all over balance.

Heals injuries
Sujok therapy greatly benefits of all type of injuries related to neck, feet, hands, joints etc. It also treats inflammation and other problems like arthritic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and gout along with other skin and reproductive problems.

Sujok therapy is a variation of acupressure, which used specific points on hands and feet to treat the ailments. It also makes use of seeds, semi-precious stones along with pressure stimulation that helps relieve problems like diabetes and kidney stones.

Weight loss
Sujok therapy has a great potential on controlling obesity. The therapy increases blood circulation and reduces the extra lipids. Thus, helps in managing your weight easily.

In today’s stressful life, how sujok helps to bring mental peace?

Today, stress has become a part of our lifestyle. Right from a child to an older citizen, it affects everyone which in the longer run causes severe illness. While most of us depend on pills, a simple touch on the tip of your thumb with the index finger of any hand helps to give miraculous results. For a lasting effect, one should repeat this action to get an ultimate relief. Tai chi also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.

How does sujok help to heal curative, mental, and emotional disorders?

Through Sujok, one can diagnose the problem easily. By pressing the key points and applying pressure in the right direction, one can cure the problem. Sujok helps to heal certain physical problems such as BP, headache, bronchitis, asthma, gastric acidity, ulcer, constipation, migraine, vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, gastro oesophageal reflex disease, disc prolapse, complications due to chemotherapy, menopause, excessive bleeding and many more. Likewise, to cure depression, anger, fear and worries, sujok is an ultimate therapy for soul and body that provides natural treatment to the patients, who otherwise, depend on pills to cure such diseases.

What is seed therapy?

A seed has a life. This is well explained by the fact that when we sow a seed, it develops into a tree. Keeping this in mind, when we put and rub a seed on the pressure points, it gives us the life and takes away the disease. For instance, round, spherical shaped seeds of pea and black pepper are known to provide relief to ailments related to eyes, head, knee joints and back problems. The kidney shaped red beans are used to treat kidney and stomach related disorders. The seeds with sharp corners are applied by mechanical method and exerts pathological influence on the body.

It is seen that after the treatment, the seeds also change their structure, shape and colour (they may become fragile, discoloured, enlarge or decrease in size, shrivel, crack or even fall to pieces). Such reactions show how seeds take away the pain and disease.

Say something about smile meditation?

In sujok, a smile is referred as Buddha smile or a child’s smile. Smile meditation aims to strike a harmony with our mind, body and soul.

With this, one can improve health, self-confidence, develop and enrich one’s abilities, succeed both in education and work and become a vibrant person that helps to make a progressive society. By spreading smile, positive vibes are released by an individual that helps him/her to maintain cordial relations with others, spread cheer in one’s livelihood and stay motivated.

What are your future plans?
Since sujok therapy is very expensive, I want to leave the roots of sujok in Lucknow. For this, I am holding a Level I course on Sujok therapy on February 16. The informative session will last for about 3-4 hours. It will be a certified course from International Sujok Association, Moscow Academy and the certificate is valid anywhere in the world.

I would love to teach and train people about the art of healing – Sujok and thereby contribute a bit to develop a healthy society.

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